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The names of the parties are omitted in these descriptions in order to protect their rights of privacy. The amounts of verdicts do not include deductions for attorney fees and costs.

Verdict of $375,000.00

Wrongful adoption.  A natural mother of the adopted child was not properly counseled regarding her waiver of parental rights.

Verdict of $520,000.00

Rape victim brought suit against a condominium association for negligent security.  

Verdict of $166,000.00

Plaintiff presented a prescription to a local pharmacy and was given the wrong medication which resulted in irritation of his lower intestines.

Verdict of $311,000.00

A 64 year old woman sustained an arm laceration when she was thrown against a jalousie window while falsely arrested and imprisoned by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office and the Police Department of Kenneth City. 

Verdict of $400,000.00

Plaintiff sustained a seatbelt hip injury in a rear-end collision with less than $500 in property damage and no permanent injury.

Verdict of $580,579.60

A bar patron sustained a broken wrist during ejection from a bar in Tampa by two bouncers.

Verdict of $586,000.00

Motorcyclists struck by a sub-contractor delivering flowers for a Clearwater florist. Injuries consisted of a badly broken ankle.