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As in all other accidents involving injury or death, car accident, trucking accidents, fall down cases, motor cycle accidents require immediate investigation including a visit to the scene of a motorcycle accident.  This investigation is more often than not critical to the ultimate outcome of the case.

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It is not uncommon in motorcycle accidents for insurance companies to deny liability (fault) as to the opposite driver, if they believe that you have not conducted a thorough investigation of the motorcycle accident early in the case.  Immediate contact with our office will assure you that our investigative team will get to the scene of the motorcycle accident immediately to preserve all evidence for future use in the case.

The at fault driver’s insurance company has no obligation to share their investigation with you and as a matter of fact, their investigation is confidential, what the law calls “work product”.  They do not have to share it with you, even if you are laid up with injuries, which are most times significant in motorcycle accidents. Time can be your worst enemy in evidence preservation.

Some billboard lawyers claim a special talent for “handling” motorcycle accident cases.  Many have never tried a single motorcycle accident case; or a single case of any kind for that matter.  Insurance companies know who these “handler-pretenders” are and adjust the value of motorcycle accident cases knowing the pretender’s inability to effectively try the case and take the full value for the injuries sustained in the motorcycle accident from the insurance carrier.

Investigation leading to proof of fault in motorcycle accidents demands an attorney’s immediate attention.  Our firm has tried over 100 cases.  The development of evidence of injury and economic damages including medical bills, past and future, lost wages and loss of capacity to earn usually occurs much later.

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