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Boating accidents especially those involving personal injury to the occupants, require immediate investigation to preserve evidence. Contact us now and we will meet and begin the boating accident investigation immediately or simply call our office 727-461-4441.

Responsibility for boating accidents is often subject to maritime law and more often than not there is little or no physical evidence left at the boating accident scene, except witness accounts. Often times law enforcement withhold witness statements and evidence in the boating accidents, claiming their investigation is still open, while they determine who is responsible or at fault for the boating accident.  It is best to start your own boating accident investigation before the trail grows cold. Boating accident claims required special expertise and knowledge on the part of your attorney to be handled properly in the client’s best interest.

Our Clearwater boating accident attorneys are not only familiar with maritime law and boating accident investigations as it pertains to liability, but our attorneys are both experienced boaters themselves as it helps to have the requisite knowledge when defending criminal charges or claiming for injuries in boating accident cases.

It is vitally important that you contact us immediately to speak with an attorney before you make a statement to the investigating law enforcement agency or any insurance company, including your own.   If there is a potential for the boating accident to be your fault, law enforcement is investigating the potential for criminal charges pertaining to the boating accident.  Law enforcement can subpoena your statements made to the insurance company and use it as the basis for criminal charges in the boating accident.

If you have sustained injuries as a result of a boating accident or are potentially facing criminal charges for causing a boating accident Contact us now, the consultation is free and that call might be the most important one you make following the accident.