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Truck accidents with cars present challenges to victims of truck driver negligence.  Large trucks are not only subject to State Laws but regulations passed by the Department of Transportation.  Often the business who hired the truck driver, the truck driver, and the truck itself involve in the trucking accident are from another state. The federal DOT regulations often conflict with state law in trucking accidents, mostly they are stricter. Click here to contact us now or call 727-461-4441 for further information about a trucking accident you’ve been involved in, the consultation is free.

If there are multiple victims of truck driver negligence sometimes a conflict of interest arises and the need for multiple attorneys to represent each of the injured victims of a trucking accident.  We can help you with this. The reason being is that companies shipping cargo are normally insured by carriers who offer single limit policies, meaning one sum of money available for all claims as a result of the trucking accident to include property damage and all those who are injured. This presents a conflict of interest for a single lawyer, representing more than one victim.  One lawyer cannot fairly weight one client’s injury value against another client’s injuries sustained in the same trucking accident.  It is unethical for an attorney to do this in trucking accident cases or any auto accident case involving a single limit policy.

If you are involved in an trucking accident with a large commercial vehicle, the same advice applies as to all auto crashes:  Make no statement to any representative of the trucking company or the insurance company until you have spoken to a lawyer.  Your communications with law enforcement are privileged so it is ok to speak with law enforcement if you’re involved in a trucking accident.

Call us from the accident scene if you have to, because believe it or not, sometimes representatives of the trucking company show up there.

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