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Representation for fall down injuries resulting from property owners’ negligence

Fall down claims are often met with skepticism. None more so than a common “slip and fall,” where a plaintiff asserts that a wet floor, loose tile or pothole caused serious bodily harm due to the fall down.

If you have a fall down or premises liability claim, be aware that your attorney’s reputation will precede you. Retaining a qualified lawyer who is known for his competence and advocacy increases your chance of resolving your fall down claim, before the necessity of a trial.

No insurance company or defense attorney wants to negotiate the settlement of a fall down case when he has doubts about the lawyer’s ability.

John D. Fernandez, P.A. enjoys a preeminent reputation for legal professionalism and ethics. Contact us now and we will call you to meet the lawyer and have a free consultation on your fall down case or simply call us 727-461-4441.

Confronting a management company or landlord over the duty to maintain a premises in a fall down case

A management company or landlord, public or private, has the duty to maintain a property that is safe for any member of the invited public. When a management company or landlord allows unsafe conditions to exist and those unsafe conditions lead to a fall down resulting in injury, the landlord is held accountable.

John D. Fernandez, P.A. asserts claims against for their failure to maintain premises, including:

Slick floors Unmarked glass partitions
Uneven pavement Hidden steps down
Dark passages and staircases Sink holes
Loose steps or railings Open manholes
Unmarked exits Open elevator shafts

Liability for unsafe conditions that facilitate crime

When a landlord fails to take standard safety or security measures and the absence of those measures allows a crime to be committed, the landlord may be civilly liable for the harm done by the criminal. If your landlord does not have adequate lighting, and you are attacked in a dark passage; does not replace a broken front door lock and your home is invaded; or refuses to evict an out-of-control tenant and you are injured by that tenant’s reckless behavior, you may have a case to recover from the landlord. John D. Fernandez, P.A. will evaluate your case for free and advise you whether it’s wise to pursue a claim.

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