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Clearwater Automobile Accident Attorneys

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Our Clearwater automobile accident injury attorneys can help you if you have been in an automobile accident.  There are certain important steps to take to protect your automobile accident injury claim. In the event of injury or property damage, insurance companies, even your own will go right to work protecting their own interests. Click here […]

Truck Accidents

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Truck accidents with cars present challenges to victims of truck driver negligence.  Large trucks are not only subject to State Laws but regulations passed by the Department of Transportation.  Often the business who hired the truck driver, the truck driver, and the truck itself involve in the trucking accident are from another state. The federal […]

Motorcycle Accidents

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As in all other accidents involving injury or death, car accident, trucking accidents, fall down cases, motor cycle accidents require immediate investigation including a visit to the scene of a motorcycle accident.  This investigation is more often than not critical to the ultimate outcome of the case. Click here now and we will get in […]

Family Law

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Experienced family law representation for complex marital estates Divorce is a defining moment in a person’s life and has ramifications for years to come. Your choice of divorce attorney will have a profound impact on how you emerge from your divorce proceedings. Will you be secure? Will you feel empowered to take control of your […]

Bicycle accidents

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Bicycle accidents are subject to the same rules as car accidents and also pedestrians who are struck by automobiles.  Since bicycle riders and pedestrians are subject to the same No Fault law as those persons injured as occupants of automobiles, the same special attention must be taken in the early phases of the bicycle accident […]

Criminal Defense

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Trial-tested representation for state felony and misdemeanor criminal offenses If you’ve been arrested or anticipate being charged with a crime, find a criminal defense attorney who is up to the task of presenting your case in the light most favorable to you. Click Contact us now or call 727-461-4441 and the criminal defense attorney will […]

Clearwater Boating Accidents

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Boating accidents especially those involving personal injury to the occupants, require immediate investigation to preserve evidence. Contact us now and we will meet and begin the boating accident investigation immediately or simply call our office 727-461-4441. Responsibility for boating accidents is often subject to maritime law and more often than not there is little or no […]

Fall Down Cases

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Representation for fall down injuries resulting from property owners’ negligence Fall down claims are often met with skepticism. None more so than a common “slip and fall,” where a plaintiff asserts that a wet floor, loose tile or pothole caused serious bodily harm due to the fall down. If you have a fall down or […]

Personal Injury

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Diligent, ethical representation for auto accidents and wrongful death. If you have been injured, you increase your chances for recovery by hiring a qualified trial law lawyer. Insurance companies and defense lawyers know which trial lawyers are capable of trying a case to verdict. John D. Fernandez, P.A. has built a preeminent reputation over 40 […]